cannelloni of cabbage filled with cepes, crumble and chips of cepes with
a creme of black garlic


roasted scallops with yellow curry, romanesco, salted vegetables
and a thai vinaigrette


tartare of venison from the bbq, with red beetroot, marinated trout eggs,
bbq mayonaise and samba vinaigrette




celeriac from the bbq with 63 degrees egg yolk, hazelnut, hollandaise,
garlic sauce and truffle

Red Mullet

braised mullet with bacon, bimi, a creme of lime and broccoli and
a gravy of mullet—7


crispy baked sweetbread of the veal with preparations of carrot,
parsnip, creme of satay and gravy of veal


Main courses

Catch of the day

(ask your host for explanation)


pumpkin filled raviolis with jerusalem artichoke, macadamia nuts
and sauce of smoked garlic

Veal Tenderloin

barbecued tenderloin with crumble of black olives, baharat,
filled bell pepper with veals cheek and gravy of veal



White chocolate

marinated fennel, white chocolate, dille and a sorbet of grapefruit

5 spice Almond

ice cream of almond milk, 5 spice crumble, crispy yoghurt
and dulce de leche

Sinne’s cheese selection

fruit bread with nuts and mustard fig creme


3 course menu 39,00
consisting of a starter, main course and dessert

to expand with;

4 course menu 49,00

5 course menu 58,00

6 coursemenu 68,00

7 course menu 78,00

gangen menu 88,00



3 course menu 24,00

4 course menu 32,00

5 course menu 40,00

6 course menu 48,00

7 course menu 56,00

gangen menu 64,00


We serve several wines per glass.
Please ask us for our wine menu.

Do you have allergies, a special diet or do you have other wishes?
Please let us know on time so we can take it into account.