different types of marinated tomato, feta, olive, watermelon,
oregano and bouillon of tomato

Red Gamba

red gamba with chives, creme of lemon, salted herbs
and vinaigrette of shellfish

Guinea Fowl & Duck liver

terrine of guinea fowl and duck liver, sweet and sour onions, walnuts,
balsamic vinegar and gravy of fowl




celeriac from the bbq with 63 degrees egg yolk, hazelnut, hollandaise,
garlic sauce and truffle

Red Mullet

red mullet cooked on sourdough bread, tarragon, kohlrabi,
salade of fennel and gravy of red mullet

Veals Sweetbread

braised veals sweetbread, creme of saté, sayer, radish,
paksoi, beans and gravy of veal with star anise


Main courses

Catch of the day

fish of the day with spinach, sea lavender, bimi,
fregola and sauce of fenugreek


ravioli filled with green peas and mozzarella, green asparagus,
onion and sauce of green herbs

Lamb’s Neck

lacquered lamb’s neck with gremolata, white asparagus, caponata
and gravy of lamb with black garlic



Praliné & Raspberries

praliné ganache with raspberry sorbet and cremeux, yoghurt meringue,
salted nougatine crumble

Mango & Green Curry

mango curd with Thai basil, coconut crumble, passionfruit,
kiwi and green curry ice cream

Sinne’s cheese selection

fruit bread with nuts and mustard fig creme


3 course menu 42,00

4 course menu 50,00

5 course menu 60,00

6 coursemenu 70,00

7 course menu 80,00

gangen menu 90,00

All menus must have a dessert



3 course menu 24,00

4 course menu 32,00

5 course menu 40,00

6 course menu 48,00

7 course menu 56,00

gangen menu 64,00


We serve several wines per glass.
Please ask us for our wine menu.

Do you have allergies, a special diet or do you have other wishes?
Please let us know on time so we can take it into account.